“Oxford’s answer to Spacemen 3 via early Black Sabbath, The Neon Violets are a completely immersive experience live, drenching everything in their path with sheets of reverb and undulating riffs that make us think of prime Wooden Shjips.” – Q Magazine, October 2014

“Subterranean hypno-psych” with “Riffs as big as the sun” – Nightshift, May 2014

“slow, deliberate, droning riffs, reminiscent of Wooden Shjips, grip your brain ever tighter like a boa constrictor until your mind goes blank and you’re seeing stars. It’s a lovely way to go” – Nightshift June 2014

“The Neon Violets set about returning the venue to a time when immersive acid-fried rock ruled the land with a velvet glove and matching pantaloons. Committing themselves entirely to the sound is where The Neon Violets succeed; this is no homage or pastiche, it is purely about revelling in the ability of drone and walls of sound to create changes in the mind. Get swept away in the tide of reverb, delay and desert-baked guitars and it’s just possible that by the end of the set, a moment of clarity will be achieved.” – Nightshift April 2014